Equipment Rebuild Process

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Shanklin A-28 After - Continuous Motion Packaging Rebuilds
Shanklin A-28 After - Continuous Motion Packaging Rebuilds
Shanklin A-28 After - Continuous Motion Packaging Rebuilds


1. Equipment is shipped into our facility in Elkhorn WI from customers site.

2. Initial inspection is performed by our Technicians to determine need for long lead-time replacement components. All Required non-stock components are placed on order.

3. Machine is completely disassembled:

  • Film Feed Mechanisms
  • In-feed Conveyors
  • Closing Conveyors
  • Side Seal Conveyors
  • End Seal Conveyors
  • Discharge Conveyors
  • Sealing Heads and Associated Linkage
  • Drive Motors, Gear Boxes, Sprockets, and Chains
  • Diverging Side Seals
  • Shanklin Sabre Side Seals
  • Film Scrap Winders

4. All Mechanical Components are Pressure Washed, including the Machine Frame and Attachments. Care is taken to protect the Electrical Components during the Pressure Washing process.

5. Intermediate Inspection of Machine is performed by our Trained Technicians to establish condition of key components, such as Motors, Drives, and Frame/Structural features.

6. All Bearings, Gears, Sprockets, and Chains are Replaced with New, High-Quality Components. These Components are Exact Replacements.

7. Shanklin Sabre or Diverging Side Seals are completely Disassembled, Cleaned, and Reassembled with New Bearings and Belts. Mechanical Repairs are performed based on age of equipment and condition.

8. Closing Conveyors are Completely Disassembled and Air Cylinders, Belts and Wear Washers Replaced. Conveyor Rollers are Inspected and Replaced as required.

9. Side Seal Conveyor System is completely Disassembled, Inspected, and Reassembled with New Components and Hardware. Care is taken to Insure that all Guards and Covers are in place and functioning properly.

10. Film Inverter Systems and Film Feed Systems are Disassembled, Inspected, and Reassembled with New or Rebuilt Components, as required.

11. Hot Knife or Hot Wire Film Sealing Systems are Disassembled, Cleaned, Inspected, and Rebuilt with New Components where required. Seal Pads, Blades, and Wires are All New OEM Quality. Teflon Coating of Seal Bars is applied as Required.

12. Pneumatic Cylinders, Regulators, Filters, and Gauges are Inspected and Replaced.

13. All Electrical Components and Drive Systems are Inspected and Tested to Verify proper Operation.

14. All Safety Covers for the Sealing Area are Replaced with New Clear Lexan if visibility is required or Metal As Required.

15. Machine is Final Assembled and all Electrical Safety Limits are Tested and Replaced as necessary.

16. Machine is Operated in a manner that closely simulates the Final UserĀ“s activities. Sealing Quality, Product Speed and Machine Smoothness are Evaluated.

17. Machine is Approved for Run-off by Customer in the Elkhorn Plant (as required).

18. Machine is Released for Shipment.

19. Machine is Skidded or Packaged to the Customers Specifications and Transported to its final destination via a Dedicated Carrier or Customer Truck.

20. 90 Day Parts Warranty on all Manufactured Components is Standard, Labor is not included.